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When a tree is properly maintained it becomes a beautiful addition to any space, providing shade and splendor to the surrounding areas. Tree need regular upkeep, including tree pruning.

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Pruning All Types Of Trees & Shrubs In The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast residents need look no further for all their tree pruning needs than the expert Arborists at Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping Services. There are essentially two tree care objectives in pruning tree’s and trimming shrubs. Hazard reduction tree pruning addresses a specific danger caused by visibly defined safety issues in your tree’s. Maintenance tree pruning preserves or improves tree health and structure. Special care is taken to encourage structural integrity, appearance, tree safety and the overall health of your tree’s.

Benefits Of Tree Pruning in Sunshine Coast

Tree pruning is not just about improving the look of your tree and making it more appealing. As mentioned, it provides property owners a lot of other, more important benefits. We explore some of these below.

Encouraging Better Growth – Tree pruning is essential to maintaining a tree’s health and structural integrity. Removing unwanted or overgrown parts of a tree prevents the branches from being too overburdened while also allowing you to better control the growth and form of your tree.

Preventing Accidents And Injuries – Pruning trees also prevents weak, overhanging branches from causing injury to people when they break and fall off unexpectedly.

Clearing Unwanted Vegetative Litter – Tree pruning is also a way to clear leaf litter, which could potentially clog your drains and rain gutters.

Isolating Diseases And Pests – Pruning trees can also prevent the spread of harmful bugs and diseases by reducing the physical contact between infected and healthy branches. Moreover, tree pruning also helps stop pesky rodents from accessing your house’s roofline.

Keeping Surroundings Tidy – Many neighbourhoods and city councils require residents to keep their properties clean and tidy. Pruning your trees allows you to prevent branches from encroaching into your neighbours’ properties, in addition to preventing litterfall from dirtying up the streets around your house.

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Types Of Tree Pruning


This process consists of the removal of selected branches in trees in order to improve shape/structure.

This is sometimes used to accommodate site constraints.


Removal of secondary branches whilst retaining the main structural branches. Thinning can be used to lessen wind resistance, to reduce weight of the limbs, to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown.


Used to prolong the useful life expectancy of damaged trees that have lost their natural form and structure as a result of storms, vehicle damage, dieback or disease. The aim is to select new limbs from which a new crown is intended to be established.


Removal of dead, diseased and defective branches.


Removal of identified branches that are causing specific problems.


The removal of the lower branches which “lifts” the crown. 

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