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Do you need land cleared for building projects, hazard reduction, bushfire management, property subdivision or general landscaping? At Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping Services, we provide professional land clearing for Sunshine Coast residents and businesses.

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Professional Land Clearing Service In Sunshine Coast Tree 

Our lot and land clearing service also comes with debris removal. Our team will use a chipper to break down debris and we’ll haul it away as well. There is no job too big or small as we clear small lots for residential homeowners and large pieces of land for real estate developers.

Our specialists have the skills, equipment and experience to remove obstacles and accommodate new developments. We will take into account your needs and plans, making sure that the result leaves you satisfied.


Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping Services are experienced in land clearing for commercial, civil and domestic projects in Sunshine Coast . We believe in making sure the job is done right the first time, so you can move forward to the next stage of your development. Providing advice for planning, staging, and implementation, we can help you and your project submit and obtain required permits, advise on the site cleanup process, and provide accurate timeframes so that your project schedules and estimates are accurate.


Large-scale developments in wildfire-prone areas of the Sunshine Coast need additional planning. One of the strengths of Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping Services is that we make sure we are up to date with the latest government guidelines on bushfire safety. Since these regulations are constantly updated, it is important to make sure that your land cleaning company is aware of the current legislation.


As locals to the Sunshine Coast area, to advise on your replanting choices and help get the process completed for you as soon as possible.

We offer our services to the following locations:

What Is The Lot And Land Clearing Process?

At Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping Services, our lot and land clearing process entails the following tasks performed below:

Tree Removal

Trees not only need to come down but shallow roots also need to be removed from the ground, so they do not impede the construction process.

Stump Removal

In order to build on a cleared lot, there cannot be any tree stumps remaining anywhere on the ground.

Shrub/Bush Removal

Landscaping will need to come down in order to completely clear the lot. This means taking down bushes and shrubs of all sizes.

There is much more to the ground and lot clearing than simply tearing down existing trees, bushes and shrubs. There is a strong emphasis on minimizing any damage to the land. That requires a careful and calculated approach to ensure the land is of proper use for construction. Everything must be uprooted with precision and care. Our job is to provide builders with a completely clean slate.

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